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When I joined my internship, an officer (I interned at an atomic research lab) told me that I look too afraid and if I continued to be afraid I will be eaten alive by the office environment. I survived and here I'm, after 20 years, a CTO. So don't be nervous. Everything is going to be alright.

When I started I made so many mistakes. I hope you do so too. But I was lucky to find two great mentors who changed my perspectives and life. I hope you find mentors too.

Don't limit yourself to programming. Try to learn as much as possible in the environment. Derek Sivers, founder of CD baby and Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba talk about this. I distilled what they said in a post. If you are interested, read it at my blog. In summary,

When you’re earlier in your career I think the best strategy is you just say yes to everything, every piddly little gig, you just never know what are the lottery tickets.

Good luck.


Hi, Joseph!!

That is great, it's so good to hear stories like this :)

Yes, I have mentors, I would not have survived until here without them! It makes all the difference.

Thank you so much for sharing, it made me feel better. I will read your blog too!

Good luck for you too, Joseph. Hope you can still find other challenges to inspire others too! The best for you.

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