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Discussion on: Free like a freelancer or secure like an employee? There's a third option: The contractor

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Johannes Kettmann Author

Thanks for sharing your experience. I totally agree, it's a double-edged sword. After all, you're acting as a business. And that always means there are risks.

I talked to some recruiters though and was surprised to hear that there is currently a higher demand for contractors. This is a bit counterintuitive.

One reason is probably that it's riskier to hire employees in countries where they are protected. You can easily fire a contractor of you run out of money. But you're mostly stuck with an employee.

Another reason that I experienced myself is that larger companies have hiring stops in crisis situations. So they can't hire new employees. But contractors have a different status. Departments that are still doing fine and are in need for extra workforce can get around the hiring freeze by calling contractors in.

The advice about leaving a good impression is gold! Not only that companies and other contractors will remember you. But also the recruiters internally flag candidates as trusted or not afaik. Once you get a green flag you won't have problems finding the next gig. A red flag will cause problems though