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Discussion on: Don't waste your time on a portfolio website

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Johannes Kettmann Author

Thanks for counting me to the top 10% ☺️ But my Twitter isn't popular at all and my blog not well visited. Somehow this post took off though...

To be fair, I get what you mean. With my experience alone I have much higher chances to get a new job quickly than someone new to the industry. And a blog might help as well. (Hopefully that's still true in the current situation since I'll need a job soon 😃)

But I didn't start out like this. I had a hard time getting my first jobs as well. Recruiters weren't very interested. I failed interviews. And even in that situation I didn't need a portfolio website. So my point is that it's not mandatory to have one. And devs often just spend way too much time on something that nobody might not even look at.

But thanks a lot for your feedback and especially the point that many content creators have a "if I can do it, anyone can do it!" type of mentality. I'm surely guilty of that and I'll keep it in mind for the future