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Really cool and useful app! I'm testing it now.

One thing that is small but very important is the ability to break text into paragraphs for job descriptions. If I want a list of bullet points and add a line break, it's not recognized in the generated layout.

Ability to change font size would also be great, unless I'm missing it?


I'm in the process of integrating react-markdown in the description fields only. Maybe that would help with line breaks, bullet lists etc. Please expect an update coming very soon :)

As for the font size modification, you are right, those options don't exist as of now. I will definitely look into adding them. But since we're on a dev platform, maybe I can share a hack that might work? You can use the Inspect Element Dev Tools to add custom CSS, so all you need to do is modify the font-size property CSS for the id#page div and you should be able to print it in the size you want.

Now, I know this isn't perfect. Obviously a refresh would clear all CSS edits, but I'll definitely look into how it can be implemented very soon. Thank you for your feedback and support :)


Markdown has now been implemented in the app, so you can make lists and style your content however you want :) Please check out the new update!


Works great! Thanks for the quick update.

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