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Discussion on: How to wage cold war on your developers

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John Lehew

In general the state of affairs in a startup are not optimum, there are resource constraints, longer hours, Lower pay, and the job is thankless not only for the devs but the CEO as well. Have you ever thanked the CEO for raising money or even though his code was not good, for doing his best to help out? My devs didn’t thank me for the time and political risks I took with 3 executives to switch us to an API and RESTful architecture. Startups have to be ultra efficient and generate revenue ASAP. A good book on this is “The Lean Startup”. Sometimes executives need a better understanding of the software development and agile process. Sometimes the devs don’t understand the need to make money is greater than the need to do it right. Sometimes sales and marketing are not effective. Sometimes the product is not needed or customers aren’t willing to pay the price the startup needs to be viable. Every business is different, just remember people generally are just doing their best even the CEO. Whether or not it is working is another story, just need to fail fast and learn fast as quickly as possible.