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Discussion on: I'm Changing How I Review Code

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Joel Louzado

if you don't mind, what kinds of metrics is your team tracking to keep an eye on things? It sounds like you'll are a lean team and working hard on some ambitious goals, but if you're not keeping an eye on defect rate, lead-times or some kind of proxy metrics then it's easy to get trapped in a local-maxima of constant fire-fighting.

PR based workflow might actually be overkill for a small team though, so you might consider either:

    • super short-lived PRs, everyone's mostly working on main
    • feedback cycles will naturally shrink
  2. pair-programming
    • assign pairs that are stable for atleast a month
    • all code that's not pair-programmed must be code-reviewed
    • budget for lower productivity for a couple of days, but after that you should see much easier information flow in the team.