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Multiple gitconfig

I need to do dev of work on my personal laptop. Usually, I will clone the repository and set a work email for that repository by git config <>. That requests config for each working repositories, and if there are other settings, it requires more actions. And most important, I forget to set up it sometimes.

Later, I did search on the internet and found I am actually able to set a separated gitconfig for the specific folder. Below are the steps.

Create a separated gitconfig file


Add the settings you need into the file, like email/name

git config -f ~/.gitconfig-work <>

Now we have gitconfig file for working.

Set work folder to use the new config file

git config --global "includeIf.gitdir:~/work/.path" "~/.gitconfig-work"

Then for all repositories inside of work folder, it will use the new config file.


Add isWork to the new config file

git config -f ~/.gitconfig-work core.isWork true

And run below command inside of the work folder to see if the config is applied

git config --get core.isWork || echo false


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Michael Currin • Edited

Thanks for sharing.

I am interested for this to use a different email for my work repos. Is there a way I can keep my settings my mine gitconfig (such as aliases) and just override the email portion in a second git config for work?

I linked back to your post in mine on git configs.

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I think it only uses the settings in the gitconfig-work to override same one in the gitconfig, it is only the email and name by my example, so all your other settings like alias should still work as before

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Michael Currin

Perfect, thanks