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re: Then you are operating outside your competency. The number one guide in medicine and in psychology IS NEVER OPERATE OUTSIDE YOUR COMETENCY. You hav...

We all must be more careful of what we say to others

Good point and I get it.

I'm sure you don't realize it but, your response contradicts itself. Read it again and think about it.

I have read it again and can't find which of my sentance is wrong.

(Sentance 1) Procrastinatination is not always a bad thing.

The mathematical contrary of "not always" is "at least in one case".
I know "at least one case" and more where procrastination is good. I have bipolar tendencies, and when I am in a maniac phase, procrastination is a very useful tool.

(Sentance 2, edited) For me, t's a symptom that what I intend to do is not simple enough yet.

As fas as I'm concerned, I am inside my competency when I talk about myself.

Then you are operating outside your competency.

Is that worse that letting people suffer alone?

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