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the question is frankly too vague to answer.

I am pretty sure that $TECH is great in some contexts and overkill in other contexts.
that works no matter what is $TECH

what is your goal?

Do you want to build a useful product?
boring technologies like php/MySQL/jQuery may well be enough to build it

Do you want an higher salary?
learning more about salary negotiation will lead you faster there then starting a journey to learn data science

Are you in love with one of this tech and asking yourself if you can find a job in it?
making personal collections with people and companies already using it is probably your best bet


Yeah you are correct but there are some popular technologies which every Job Description mentions and wants Devs to be proficient with it. For example, nowadays most companies want front end devs who have considerable experience with ReactJS.


Oh I get that.
I'm looking for a job myself and job description are much more annoying than realistic.

I would recommend skipping them, see what @jacobherrington wrote

Money quote:

Get coffee with someone who can hire you. Ideally, you can build a relationship with someone who can hire you without asking anyone else; CTOs, CEOs, COOs, and Co-founders are the people you want to get to know when you're looking for a job.

Thanks Jean. I would consider your advice.

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