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re: Unpopular opinion: Slack is terrible for workplace productivity. It's very easy to get addicted to it. I often find myself checking Slack for new ...

That's a correct take, not a unpopular opinion @aleksandrhovhannisyan

Slack is terrible for workplace productivity.

I mean the company that produce it gave us a big hint:

they called it Slack, not Work.

Slack: characterized by slowness, sluggishness, or lack of energy
To Slack: to shirk or evade work or duty

Slack is successful because it's addictive, not because it allows you to focus on what matters at work.

What Slack does is to train everyone to

  • think one line at a time instead of writing down your thoughts in a coherent matter
  • make the communication synchronous - like speech but much less rich and efficient - while the secret of effective remote work is to master the subtle art of asynchronocity
  • gives the impression that whatever was discussed last is the most important thing, leaving teams with no useful compass of what really matters
  • make you react on loads of notifications, which are basically an external TODO list. Real productivity comes from the inside

Slack is basically an all day long meeting with no agenda where everyone is invited

Hint: if you are annoyed by Slack, you may probably like Basecamp

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