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Discussion on: Decoding JSON with Typescript

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Joan Llenas Masó Author

Hi! You can use JsonDecoder.failover:
There are other more exotic options but I think this is enough in most cases.

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H. Mendez

Thanks Joan.
I did the failover and it is working as intending. I got problems with the JsonDecoder.Success in functions as you recommended posts back (Sep 27).

Uncaught (in promise): TypeError: Cannot read property 'toApiDTO' of undefined.

public static cvt= JsonDecoder.object<CoordinateValueType>({
    latitude: JsonDecoder.failover(0, JsonDecoder.number),
    longitude: JsonDecoder.failover(0, JsonDecoder.number),
    altitude: JsonDecoder.failover(0, JsonDecoder.number),
    equals: JsonDecoder.succeed,
    toApiDTO: JsonDecoder.succeed,
    toString: JsonDecoder.succeed
}, 'CoordinateValueType', {
    latitude: '_latitude',
    longitude: '_longitude',
    altitude: '_altitude',
    equals: 'equals',
    toApiDTO: 'toApiDTO',
    toString: 'toString'