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Discussion on: Bundle your Node app to a single executable for Windows, Linux and OsX

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Jochem Stoel Author

Hey Batman, are you on Windows or Linux? How are you building exactly?
From the docs: Just be sure to call pkg package.json or pkg . to make use of scripts and assets entries.

Also you might want to look at this Snapshot Filesystem part of the docs because maybe your assets are packaged correctly but you are not using the right path to access them.

If you want you can send me these files and I will have a look for you to see what is wrong. Skype jochem.stoel or Discord jochemstoel#7529

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Jochem Stoel Author

I have offered to take a look at your code several times and you are not answering any of my questions. There is not much I can do for you at this point. Yes it might be that you are using Node 10. No maybe that is not at all the case. I don't know.