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Discussion on: Tips to promote side projects?

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Joe Attardi Author

I debated sharing a link but didn’t want to come across as spammy or self promoting 😁 This post is purely for advice, not for viral marketing 😂

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Dzhavat Ushev

It depends, of course, on how one phrases it. If the focus is too much on the link and making sure everyone notices it, then it will probably come across as spammy. But if it's more like "I have this side project which I think will benefit many people but doesn't get much attention. How can I promote it to the right people. Oh, and here's a link to the project" kind of thing, I don't think will sound too demanding.

Another tip I can think of is to write a post about how your side project came to be. Something like "I had this problem and couldn't find a solutions. So I decided to build this thing which makes my work much easier...". If the problem is common enough, people will probably relate to it and want to try your solution.