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re: Thanks for sharing! One thing to note though is that if you have to support older browsers like Internet Explorer, some of these tags are not suppo...

I think we can start forget about IE, because even Microsoft want's en it up


True, people who only used IE should have (at least) moved to Edge by now. There's little to no reasons as to why a user would still use IE.


That would be very nice but it's still a looong way away. I just checked our numbers and IE is ~7% of our visitors. Almost all of them are IE11 which can be reasoned with somewhat. However, the numbers aren't going down at all.

Yeah, it's sad. But what if... What if just start campaign of ignoring IE?

On what grounds? The fact that developers don't like IE has almost no weight as an argument. The users with IE are not just drive-by's on the public site but they are actual paying users. In order to drop IE11 support, the percentage has to drop to a level where the cost of potentially losing them outweighs the cost of maintaining IE11 compatible code. Since we're usually not doing anything too crazy it's not a huge problem to support IE11, it's just annoying to work with when a problem occurs.

ignoring IE = ignoring users = ignoring customers = ignoring money. If you can afford it, do it, but that probably means you're running a charity.

There's a tradeoff. How much developer time does it cost to support IE, and how much revenue would you lose from not supporting it?

Or, if you are dealing with paying customers, tell them support is dropping, and tell anyone who screams and insists on the old browser that they have to pay for keeping support just for them. If they're just being ornery, they'll usually grumble and upgrade. If they are really stuck, they'll often pony up cash.

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