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I wouldn't find this very convincing if I wasn't already on board with OSS. Only 3 of these reasons (#7,8,9) actually support why OSS is good for business. Most of the other reasons are about what a pain in the neck it would be. Some of the reasons (#11-15) say to me as a developer, here's a bunch of new hoops you're going to have to jump through to contribute to OSS, and by the way the OSPO will hereafter be taking credit for the contributions you've already been making. (Maybe the piece could use an edit.)


Thanks for the feedback, Joseph.

This whole piece is about how to build an open-source strategy for your company. I have never said this is gonna be an easy journey. But the end result does worth it.

However, I don't understand your last comment about the OSPO taking credit for your contributions? Wanna elaborate? I thought #20 was clear about how the OSPO should be celebrating individuals' contributions?

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