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Thanks for sharing this. This is an important topic for any developer since it's often - in my case as a consultant, at least - us who are responsible for applying certificates to servers. Knowing and understanding the differences between DV and EV certs will help us keep our clients better informed.

What I wonder is if browsers ditched the "Secure" moniker in favor of something more accurate like "Encrypted" or "Private", would that cause the average user to wonder? I suspect it wouldn't for most but perhaps it's a small step that could aid in further teaching an uninformed user. After all, the simple lock icon helped train those users over time to believe they were safe, which is sort of how we got to this discussion.


There is definitely a more interesting conversation to be had around how user experience (icons,colors, etc.) trains and conditions users and what can be done to make sure that the conditioning is correct as it pertains to perception of privacy vs security.

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