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re: I've been struggling with deciding to move to k8s the past few months. We have a team with +/- 6 people on the full product team, with basically me...

Well my team started as about 4-5 ppl now we are at 8-9 that we all manage different teams and onboard them daily from different platform to K8s. Now I can tell you it is not an easy start that’s for sure at the very beginning to get it going seem to be easy however once you start with automation and different hocus pocus things it gets heavy. Our team is very diverse in K8s knowledge all of us have best strength in some parts of K8s but nobody I would say is a K8s guru because let’s face it is tough to be “that” person.

So I think with the right set of mind like start sketching out infrastructure for dev or lab env. Say 1 master small worker nodes. Then hook it up to ci/cd and see if you can get some app to run via helm or kustomize. Once you get the hang of it, dig deeper into autoscaling vertically/horizontally. Security tightened with something like kali , canary deploys etc can be done right with istio.

I mean I could go on and on, but everyone seem to do stuff differently because K8s is flexible for any team. As long as it’s not like you and 8devs that want you to finish it by Friday.

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