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How to code (Pick fav language)
Some people are more comfortable with Go some with Python some with Java, but say your company is 90% invested in java and to move on from say Dev or Sys Engineer I would suggest to pick java then as you have many resources within company, and then at same time say you pick python because most work tbh in background people do these days is Python or Go.

How to manage AWS/GCE/Azure (pick one)
I left Windows world almost decade now ago, so for me Azure is just another cloud provider just like aws or gce. I am familiar with aws and gce(gke) when it comes to say infrastructure of building kubernetes clusters and other things. I would say pick one and be best at it because switching from say gce to aws or vice versa it's similar just different terminologies . Hope that makes sense?

How to troubleshoot network

I was a Network engineer longer time ago and troubleshooting network issues comes to me as second language so knowing how networking works its a big A+ as some DevOps I met only say know what 'DNS' does but not necessarily how to troubleshoot or fix it.

Getting along with whole IT department is somewhat a requirement because you will at some point or another need to talk to Devs to Noc to QA and others. Like for example today I help Dev to push some code and he/she needs help with CI/CD...(Done). 2hrs later QA says: I can't reach that app that you and Dev pushed, where is it , how do I reach it? ...

Devops can mean a lot, I seen Devs turn into a "devops' a Noc person turn into a DevOps... to me Devops these days is just jack of all trades that understands fundamentals of SDLC and more on infrastructure as well as development level.

Hope that helps.. feel free to ask more :)