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Updated the previous comment with extra information about that.
Of course, none is for free at all in this life, in Atlas or any provider, with a free account, the priority is set for paid users first, so when the network is jammed, you're the first to loose the service so they can continue providing quality service to paid users.
They use a candy model in which you get something "for free" with no minimum availability by contract and then, if your App scales, you'll end up paying more than the cost of setting it up yourself as I've said.

To set up a reliable webApp you need to host your frontend, your backend and your Database.

The database can be a filesystem based one like SQLite 3 for example so you ship it along your backend and you can set up both front + back in the same environment.

The easiest way to set it up is on a monolith, for example, using Next js as backend server/middleware/proxy and React inside Next js for the frontend along with SQLite or MySQL in a shared hosting like the one I linked above, it's just less than 5 bucks a month and you get your own instance and your service up and running.

The good think with this hosting model is that you can set up multiple webapps in the same shared hosting even with different domains, and if you need to scale it, you can migrate the entire shared hosting or just the apps you want to an VPS to ensure better service for your customers.