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This Week in JavaScript by Joel 9/30/2020

During this week in JavaScript, I found some Epic React training, a React framework for CloudFlare Workers, a replacement for Redux, my YouTube hit 1,000, and a special shout out to a tech community member.

Epic React Training


Kent C. Dodds and team have released Epic React training.

Epic React includes 19 hours of video training, workshop excercises, 10 hours of video conversations with React experts.

Prices vary from $83 to $419. It's pricey, but considering the quality of Kent C. Dodds's other content, it'll be worth every penny.



Flareact is an edge-rendered React framework built for Cloudflare Workers.

I have been spending some free time exploring Cloudflare Workers and have even build a POC React framework for it. I am now considering throwing that all in the bin and replacing it with Flareact. I am very excited for this project!



Zustand is state management library for React and claim to have a comfy api based on hooks and I would agree. The code looks incredibly simple and I am looking forward to replacing a bunch of my React boiler plate with this.

1,000 Subscribers 🎉


My YouTube Channel, Joel Codes, has reached 1,000 subscribers!

Such a big milestone and I am so thankful for everyone who has subscribed. It means so much to me. So thanks again!

Community Shout Out

Congrats to @SimonHoiberg for his Twitter API Client making it to number 4 on the GitHub trending list for TypeScript.

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