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Discussion on: How to Stay Fit Physically and Mentally and Keep Coding

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Joe Sak • Edited

I would like to share a couple of psychological shifts that I have made, which seem to be working for the long-term. I don't like to call it tricks, or hacks, because it is a completely normal way that the mind works. If anything our minds have been tricked and hacked by abnormal things in our environment :-) and we're retraining them to normality.

  • Choose DISCIPLINE, and NOT motivation

    • motivation is fleeting, it comes and goes
    • motivation is passive, it happens TO you
    • discipline is active, you choose it
  • Make the journey itself its own reward

    • Don't focus on the goals
    • Don't stress that the results aren't happening "fast enough"
    • Hard things worth doing always take longer than we think they will
    • You'll NEVER get results if you quit due to not getting results
    • Reward yourself with the self-esteem & inner security of simply knowing that TODAY, you did one thing no matter how small toward your goals, and it's not about the goals anymore anyway, it's about showing up today and doing one small thing
  • Remember your ego WILL backlash on you

    • Regardless if the changes you're making are good or bad, your ego doesn't care: its job is to maintain status quo, no matter what
    • If you "backslide" or return to old habits, take that as a GOOD SIGN
    • It means that your ego is clinging desperately to fight the change
    • It's a sign that you're actually making changes
    • So just choose DISCIPLINE today and do one small, doable thing today

Finally I want to say that a daily practice of meditation will probably give you everything you need to be able to do the rest. Everything you need to know is already inside of yourself. Train yourself and your mind to take pauses, away from default reacting, toward thoughtful response.

AND, sorry I talk too much (-:

I choose to get up early enough and do everything first thing in the morning. That is how it works for me, or else I know I won't do it later. Get up, get it done, feel awesome for having done it, don't spend the rest of the day feeling guilty.

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Jaeheon Shim

This is great