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Discussion on: Redux is half of a pattern (1/2)

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Joey Orlando

@Rodolfo you’re my hero 🤙🏼

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Real AI

" If the state is computed in the infrastructure and the UI as a service just receives it, where is the role in Redux other than acting as a global store or a pubsub? And even then, with GraphQL and Apollo + cache, Redux's complexity and importance starts to disappear. "

Well, you are not wrong about this.
That has nothing to do with the fact of things being event store or not, its just that you don't need to store collateral state if you model the data for the consumer perspective, instead of the producer, this should be obvious.

When all you have is an "EventStore", everything looks like events.

The only problem with Eventstore and CQRS is that FSM are actually the generalization, not the other way around.

With the David actually got right, and you didn't, Rodolfo.