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Discussion on: Java is Dead - Long Live Java

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Johannes Lichtenberger

Thanks a lot, will watch this talk now. I assume Roman and his team use some workaround / not the optimal solution to implement in Kotlin Coroutines without this JVM enhancement. But that said it'll help Kotlin as well.

I have to say Kotlin might be hyped, but almost all items from Effective Java for instance can be implemented much easier and the defaults (for instance that classes can not be extended per default are much better -- should probably be like that as it's just a few years old). Also I think Generics for instance are much better implemented/easier to use as well as the non null type hierarchy and a lot of other stuff is great. Nontheless, I still mostly (have to) write Java code in my day to day job and I hesitate to mix Java/Kotlin in one module in a multi maven module project of mine :) but I use it in one module exclusively (using Vert.x and its Coroutine based API, which I think is really great).

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Jan Wedel Author

Yeah, maybe that’s a nice way to sneak in new language to just mix them. 😉

However, if you’re working in a team in a larger code base, you will need to get a team agreement first.