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What was your biggest win this year?

Johannes Lichtenberger on December 12, 2019

Hi all,

referring to the other popular DEV posts titled "What was your win this week?" I wanted to ask about what - in your opinion - was your biggest win during this (almost) whole year :-)

Kind regards

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I had to source for another skill outside data science, which is becoming a Django full stack web developer.. So this year, I have been able to build different web application for myself and clients.most importantly that has deeply change my belief system.. That there is no limit to what I can achieve


I got an intern offer from Google for the Summer 2020. And I just wrote a post about it:


Professionally? Well, there are a few, actually:

  1. Finally started my own blog, which is an idea I was playing around with for about a decade

  2. Joined the Dev community

  3. Learned a bunch of new stuff

  4. Published an open source project on GitHub, and published my first public Nuget package for it


Being made redundant, as a senior dev, and using that to springboard me into a software architect role, which I love! 💕

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