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Discussion on: The online Javascript playground that will blow your mind

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John Carroll

codesandbox is open source, stackblitz is not (though parts of it are). Otherwise, I find that both have advantages vs disadvantages over the other. For example, I've had trouble loading some angular cli configs in codesandbox (but not in stackblitz), and I've had trouble loading some libraries (like luxon) in stackblitz but not codesandbox. Though both are very similar and evolving fairly quickly so your mileage may vary.

Personally, I've come to prefer codesandbox over stackblitz for the sole reason that it is open source (codesandbox was also started before stackblitz, and I'm suspicious that stackblitz is largely a proprietary attempt to copy codesandbox).

But if you ever run into a problem with one, it's worth trying the same thing in the other.