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re: hello john! do you consider java still relevant in web dev? if you had to choose between front end and back end, which one would you choose and ...
  1. Java is definitely still relevant. Where I work now, our back-end is predominantly Java. However, I wouldn't consider it viable for use in the browser anymore (plugins are passe). JavaScript has claimed that territory very effectively and I haven't yet seen many sites trying out Web Assembly (WA) in production. If WA gets garbage collection, that could be a second life for Java on the front-end.
  2. Front-end definitely. I like making interactive visual things and (this is crazy to say) but I like the pace of things. It's crazy fast, but never boring.
  3. I love that JS is working hard to change (ES2015 being a prime example of that) and I really really love that it's the first tech I've worked with that can make a really good case for being a full-stack language. I can and do build things that use JS in the browser and JS on the server with Node.js. Over the last seven years I've seen JS in the browser speed up and while adding lots of features and syntax improvements. At the same time the story on the server side improved enormously in the power of Node.js and its insanely large package library (700,000+).
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