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re: John, just one question 🙂 Is there any one thing that you have felt makes a difference about software development as a profession compared to other...

That's a tough one. It's creation oriented but so are architect and builder. It's nice though that you get to do both the design and construction in one job.

But if you're looking for something different about it I guess it's that it has become so pervasive across so many industries and hobbies, especially since the coming of the Internet. Thus, if you have something else you're really interested in that isn't programming (for example, medicine, special effects for film, industrial production, astronomy, the stock market, etc.), it's possible to find jobs which will combine your love of software and that other world as well.

But maybe if I were a lawyer I would think the same thing. Would I go home at the end of the day and do "law"? Would it be both my vocation and avocation as software development is? Hmm. Interesting question you've raised.


I am completing just 2.5 years in the industry as of now. Actually I have felt that the work culture of software development, most importantly the enthusiasm to work together on creating something, mixing work and play cannot find such things in some other regular job like that of a bank employee or even a civil engineer.
I was just wondering whether you have observed these things and maybe you might have noticed some reason for software development to have this kind of work culture. 🙂

I hate to break it to you man, the answer to this one isn't that the job is really the best ever. It's that you, like me, are very suited to this particular job :)

It feels great because it's the right one for you. There are others you could put into the same thing and they would feel confused, bored, overwhelmed, or a mix of other negative things.

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