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re: Is there any concept that was suppose to be new, but when you learn it. It makes you think something like 'We already know that', 'This is not new'...

I thought about this one overnight and I really couldn't think of anything. The Internet was not new when the World Wide Web came along, it had been around many years, but I think that was more misunderstanding by people rather than anyone trying to sell something as new which wasn't. I generally don't see people trying to sell an old idea as new that often.

I think the thing that has stuck with me were the good ideas that have just been forgotten. I don't get that. And I'm going to point to one specific example for that: HyperCard

It was an easy entry path for people to learn development using a simple paradigm of cards with code associated with them. It's an obvious parallel to web development and a modern tool could be made which would build upon things like browsers, components, and JavaScript to make a new version. But there's really no comparable tool which offers a graphical editor to lay out pages and then wire them up via a language that we once got from HyperCard or Visual Basic. To me, it seems like there's an unserved market there of people who would throw together some simple app they needed if they had a friendlier tool.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

I did a little reasearch and I found a video about HyperCard in case anyone wants to understand what is it here is the link of a video contain on wikipedia.

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