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Day 3 - Some Early Projects

Currently self learning Front End Development. I'm writing about my journey and things I learn!
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As I am learning from videos, a lot of the projects have been planned and I don't get to hear the decisions made about the markup. With a code along, you don't think about how you want to approach the project.

After every major concept that I learn, I usually try to find something that I can recreate on my own. The main criteria is that it's a project that I don't have access to solutions or how someone else did it. I would choose a site or think of something and I will start coding.

Here are a few small pages that I have recreated on my own:

1- Restaurant Homepage
This was inspired by the Bareburger website. I had just started learning CSS and done a few projects with the course. I did this the hard way but this is where I started to really understand how to use divs and positioning.

Alt Text

2- Presentation website
Another project is a presentation site. This was mostly working with media queries, image overlay and CSS variable.

You can find a video here:

Alt Text

3- YouTube Homepage
This last attempt was a little different because I learned Flexbox and CSS Grid and I spent sometime thinking about how I wanted to layout the markup. I wanted to recreate the YouTube homepage. I have not completed it as I want to add more pages and continue to practice. I wanted to add this as I am super proud of how it came out.

I used Font Awesome for the icons and they are wrapped in a tags. As such I created 4 columns to display the different sections. Then for columns 2-4, I displayed them as flex to have the elements lined up in a row.

Alt Text

As I am going on this journey, I get frustrated when something doesn't work and I start to question if I am learning at all. I usually try for a while to solve the issue then I leave it alone and return to it and work through the logic of what I am trying to do.

I never thought I would enjoy puzzles like that but I love trying different solutions and see what changes and how I can fix something.

On to the next one!

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