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Discussion on: πŸ¦€ Rust Reviewed: Is the hype justified? πŸ¦€

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Jonatas Walker

Thanks for the article. Would you mind to describe some web (backend) use cases?

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Basti Ortiz (Some Dood) Author • Edited

Sure! Since Rust can be thought of as a general-purpose programming language, the use cases are quite broad. You can, for example, use the Rocket framework and the Actix Web framework to build web servers. Many people shift to a Rust back-end to reap in the performance benefits, which is why you will most likely find Rust in front-facing API infrastructures. REST APIs, in particular, are blazingly fast thanks to the serde crate's quick data serialization and deserialization.

The Yew framework has also been gaining traction for using Rust in the front-endβ€”albeit indirectly through WebAssembly.

There are also use cases for web development tooling. The swc JavaScript/TypeScript compiler has become quite popular thanks to the performance gains from Rust.

Besides the typical web development use cases, Rust can also be used for image manipulation. A popular package for this is the image-rs crate. If your back-end requires some kind of image generation, manipulation, and compression, then Rust has your back on that one, too! Combined with a REST API, the possibilities are endless.

I hope it is clear that the use cases are broad. Rust is not a domain-specific language, so if you can think of a use case, then it is most likely feasible with Rust. Much of this can be attributed to the wealth of packages in I suggest exploring the registry for inspiration. The possibilities are truly endless.

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