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I learned Java this past year and I still have trouble with it. So I going through drills on HackerRank and CodeWars. My sister is also learning it now so I'm helping her where I can. I agree its worth it to learn, but very difficult.


Hi Friend!

Thanks for sharing your experience!

What is the goal for you and your sister? Some kinds of tasks where Java is heavily used are simpler than others. For example, one may prefer to start career is "Web QA automation" - here people use Java to write tests which run through web-interfaces with Selenium library. It may be significantly easier for beginner than writing production server-side code for example. So I dare to recommend this way :)


Right now my goal is to start a new career! I've used Java with SpringBoot and MAMP to create a CRUD app. There's so much to possibly do, so now its wherever I can get in to work and learn. I went through LaunchCode here in STL to learn and we were told right off that there is a chance that where we end up may not be coding in Java or Python(the other language we learned) as they do placement.
I'm not sure what my sister's goals are. I feel like she would be good in a consultant type role.

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