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How does the React team work? Are you split up into multiple small teams that focus on a certain area? Do you have project/product managers? Who decides what you will be working on? Does the React team use Scrum?

By the way, really appreciate the time you take for answering questions and sharing your knowledge :)


Are you split up into multiple small teams that focus on a certain area?

The “React core” team takes care of the React repository and how it is used at Facebook. It currently consists of:

There are other teams that work on React Native, Relay, Jest, and other projects. We often chat with them but don’t work directly together.

Do you have project/product managers?

Yes, Sophie took over team management from Tom Occhino in the second half of this year. The manager’s job is to sit in the boring meetings with higher-ups so we don’t have to (at least that’s how I imagine it 😄), help with planning, remove roadblocks, and enable people on the team to do their best work.

Who decides what you will be working on?

Our main goal is to help developers create great apps. We have brainstorming sessions two times in a year where we consider what seems like most impactful things to work on next. They are informed by the challenges we see at FB and other companies using React, and by our own intuition. When we agree on the directions, there’s generally quite a bit of wiggle room on the specifics. At Facebook engineers are trusted to make their own decisions about what they think is valuable to do.

Does the React team use Scrum?

I don’t really know what Scrum is. We have a weekly hour-long team meeting where everyone gives brief status updates and then discuss anything that somebody on the team put on the agenda (e.g. some API decision, bug, etc). Everybody also has weekly 1:1s with their manager that last for 30 minutes. Apart from that, we don’t really have a lot of process around anything. Sometimes we do more specific meetings around a particular topic with folks from other teams at Facebook or our open source contributors.


Weekly 1:1s? And I thought my fortnightly 1:1s were too frequent 😂. Can you explain at a high level what kind of things you would talk about at your 1:1s?

  • What I’m working on
  • What I’m struggling with
  • What’s worrying me
  • What others are doing
  • Technical roadblocks, decisions, planning
  • Just chatting

I must use this list for my next 1:1. Thanks for answering and enjoy the holidays!


Another question I had about the React team dynamic: Are you all at the same office location, or are some of you working remote?

Most of the team works together in Menlo Park (USA), but me and Dominic work from the London office (UK). We don’t really have remote positions at Facebook, but we do occasionally work from home if we don’t have any meetings.

Hello Dan and the rest of the community!!

I am new to react and started with it last month. I searched for react tutorials and docs and related articles over the internet and found you contributing directly or indirectly somehow at all the great places I found.

Me and many more people appreciate your efforts! Thanks a lot and enjoy your holidays! :-)

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