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Discussion on: Mobile game with ReasonML/ReScript and React: my experience

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Jonathan Stiansen

Thanks for thinking this through and giving a detailed review, I appreciated your article but I think you expectations for somethings were unsubstantiated - like that React-Native didn't work as the mobile android app did, when you ran it on the web (kind of a novelty to have any choice in that, isn't it?). Second, saying that facebook may remove funding from rescript is saying that it will "just" become like many other languages that have no formal funding body.

It's like a starving man turning down soup at a homeless shelter saying - "the last place I went doesn't serve soup anymore - if this place stops one day, that would suck. I better not eat any now either."

Again, just some critiques but I think the form and content of your article is great! Thank you!

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It's a time investment issue here. If you're going to have to support a project into the future then you'll want something that is stable. The community being small and fragmented is an actual problem. Facebook's funding is important because of the fragmentation and unclear direction. You're right that there are small languages that are just fine without major support but the situations are different. Nim, for example, is the passion project of one man and has a dedicated but small community who have used it for years and years and aren't going anywhere. Julia is focused and fits into a well defined niche. Clojure, like nim, is also the result of someone who is 100% dedicated to keep it going and a small dedicated base.
ReasonML/ReScript Isn't like these projects. From a technical standpoint it's actually really well done BUT, without a cohesive community who is dedicated to supporting the language then it could easily stall out and leave developers with codebases that need to be updated and bindings that no longer work.