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Discussion on: Send SMS messages with Crystal and Twilio

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Jonathan Stiansen

First let me say I'm very impressed with the single threaded speed. That's really impressive what you've done!
A few years later - I think something interesting to note is that Crystal usage hasn't taken off, and Elixir has grown substantially. My critique of this is, even thought these examples look like ruby - they are not, you can't reuse all of your Rails code when you port over.
So IMO optimizing for understanding at the beginning is the wrong thing to optimize for. For instance, the fact that elixir is functional is important for concurrency - even though it's easier to understand at the beginning you'll still run into the fact that the VM for Elixir is far more robust and developed than anything out there.
So, I think Crystal is a local optimization, but the VM elixir is built on (maybe not elixir itself) allows languages to be much closer to a global optimization of "the right language"