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I 100% write very long wordy first drafts, that sound like the ramblings of a mad man when I read back through it. I'm definitely going to edit with the goal of the reader in mind from now on!

Your drafts get better with each revision. Review and refine your content before you publish it!

How many revisions would you do on a post before publishing?


As with anything, it depends :) But I aim for a minimum of two revisions. The purpose of each revision also matters. For example:

  • Revision #1: I'll re-read and check for technical accuracy, fix typos, cut sentences, and add content.
  • Revision #2: If it's a tutorial I'll recreate the experience by following the steps. If I'm missing something, I'll add it in or I'll revise if something isn't clear.
  • Revision #3: A final copy-edit.

And then publish.


It's even better if you can get someone else to redo the tutorial, that's the best way to test it.

Re-do as in review? Yes, it's always preferable to have someone review the tutorial and try it from start to finish. This option isn't always available to people, however, but is generally considered a best practice.

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