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I always find it weird that the terms "Full stack developer", "Front-end developer", and "Back-end developer" even exist. I've been a "web developer" for around 20 years and have always done a bit of everything as that's what the job entailed (and had been programming long before that since the age of 7). I've never found any of it 'hard'.

If you're a competent developer, you should be able to apply your skills across the board. A fuller understanding of how everything works greatly benefits the implementation of all websites.

I guess it's possible that these roles have appeared due to the explosion of (frequently unnecessary) tooling that has sprung up in most (if not all) areas of development. There are so many tools to learn, that being able to do 'everything' probably seems like a daunting goal.

Most new developers I see these days know how to use a bunch of modern tools/frameworks, but if asked to produce a site from scratch without any of these (including setting up servers, deployment, designing the database structure, writing the back end, writing the front end HTML, CSS, JS), they would be totally lost. Most modern tooling seeks to make things 'easier' for developers - largely at the expense of a lack of understanding of how things work, a lack of consideration for efficiency, and a tendency to use sledgehammers to crack nuts.


Thank you for sharing such an interesting point. I agree to everything you said. Nothing is sexier than having a good grasp on foundational knowledge. It's also true that these days this foundational knowledge is being abstracted from the developers. Maybe we will see a manifestation of this thought 20 years from now.

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