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Discussion on: React: Super Simple Smooth Scrolling

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Jon Randy

Sorry, I didn't make my point very clearly...

It can work where the interface is plainly not a 'normal' page - but rather a specialised interface that is being controlled using scrolling. If this is self evident from the page - the user will probably not have the expectation of scrolling working in the normal manner.

This type of interaction can indeed can be very effective. However, care should still be taken with the 'feel' of the scrolling - the first of the examples above is fine in this respect, but the others feel a little too elastic. They all look nice though.

In your own example, the page is plainly and clearly a 'normal' page. Breaking or screwing with basic website operation on such a page could well confuse the user or make them question what is going on since the page appears to be a normal one.

When using a site - the user should never be made to question or think about the interactions unnecessarily.

You should read Steve Krug's "Don't Make Me Think"

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Rahul Author

I absolutely agree. But the only reason why the example is a 'normal' page is that I wanted to save myself from writing CSS and stuff. The only purpose of this example is to showcase the smooth scrolling effect. I already stated in the 'Section.js' section, "Just a react component to fill up some space in our scrolling Container"

I agree with your point, BTW. And thanks for the recomendation.
I haven't read that book. I surely will!