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Discussion on: 15+ Useful Web Development Tools That You Might Not Know

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Jon Randy

Firefox Dev Tools > Chrome Dev Tools
Insomnia > Postman

Just my 2 cents

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Syakir Rahman Author

Personally, i agree with Insomnia > postman 😄.. i use it because it's lightweight. But postman is more popular and offer more features in free tier..
As for firefox dev tools, i dont try it yet

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Like React, Jekyll or Gatsby pretty much the bridge between web as we know it and 3.0 blockchains, where DApps are far, far behind what is needed in daily operations.

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Andrew Baisden

Firefox dev tools is probably better because they have that cool CSS Grid Inspector. I think Postman has a bigger following however I was convinced to try Insomnia last year. Now I just use both I don't see much difference between the two.