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Discussion on: Clean Code Part 1: Meaningful Names

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Jon Randy • Edited on

Sorry, but I disagree. This function gains nothing by 'meaningfully' naming the parameter:

const isItemRed = i => i.colour == 'red'
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I've been writing code for about 38 years - 27 of those professionally. Experience has taught me that the best code is succinct and clear. It really isn't necessary to give everything a meaningful name - especially when the context makes it perfectly obvious what things are, and what they do.

Overly verbose code is exhausting to read, and totally unnecessary

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Tanisha Sabherwal Author

Sorry, if I came across as unclear or rather misunderstood your point. But I totally agree to what you just mentioned. What I was referring to was the name of the function and not the parameters, in this case being isItemRed.