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Discussion on: What is a Web Framework, and Why Should You use one?

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Jon Randy

True, but beginners should build things themselves first WITHOUT frameworks - gaining understanding about the basics of web development. Using a framework from the start will get you quick and easy results, sure, but you will have no real understanding about how anything works. This is 100% necessary if you intend to be a developer.

I've seen so many 'developers' who have just gone down the route of following tutorials, installing and configuring frameworks & libraries. They can get a site up and running, but once a serious problem occurs, or a change outside the scope of their very limited skill/understanding is asked for by a client, they are totally lost. The next stage for many of these developers is googling for an answer, then copying and pasting 'solutions' from StackExchange that they have no clue about how they work.

This is a terrible way to go about learning how to be a developer. Start with the basics, and build from there. Frameworks are a convenience to be used to prevent you having to do the basic stuff again and again - after you already understand that basic stuff

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I completely agree with you. The sad part is that with most frameworks even the intermediate level coders end up using Stack Overflow or Github Issues as a reference with cases they've not encountered before. It's just javascript.