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React is massively overused, misused, and over-promoted


Thank you for saying that. React is a terrific tool with terrific programmers around it but I feel everything about it is over hyped.

The counter argument for my previous statement: if it generates this much enthusiasm from its users, they have definitely done something right.

I can't just feel the groove. To each their own, when I went through Vue's docs I knew it was the tool for me, when I went through React docs I wanted to close the tab and go do something else :D

What bothers me though it's how some people (definitely not the fault of the core developers) market it as the one true ring that will give you invisibility and super powers. The counter argument: I'm this close to running naked in the street shouting for the second coming in the form of Rust and WebAssembly so I understand what supercharging factor have tools your brain fits in when you discover them ;)

There's also the marketing aspect to consider: once a large enough pool of companies/people adapt a tool, a lot of others follow suit just because it's popular and if the tool it's good enough, it sticks.


Nooooo, React is great!
And so is the hydraulic press I bought at Christmas to deal with that bag of walnuts.

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