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Very nice website. The "I need project ideas to practise" question is found everywhere, daily.

Only thing I don't like, is that as per usual, there's nothing for backend developers. Besides that, nice platform! I think a lot of people will benefit from this.


We are working on full stack path 😁


Thanks, I started Responsive Web Dev.


Hi @joppedc

The full-stack path is under construction and there is already one full stack challenge. You can team up with other front-end developers and practice teamwork and backend.

Saying there's nothing for backend developers is not really correct.

But thank you so much for your feedback :) and thank Michal so much for this post!!


I understand that there's a fullstack path. But i'm not a fullstack dev, just backend. I also don't want to need to team up with anyone just to practise for myself. Its really hard finding backend project ideas on the internet. At least ones that aren't "make a todo list". I think it would be cool to add a backend path as well.

Fair point! I'll definitely work on Backend Path. Currently, there are few paths are under consideration:

  • Design System Developer Path
  • Front-end Master Path
  • Backend Developer Path

I will prioritize based on people's need. If there are more need more backend path. I will work on it as soon as possible.

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