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joramirjr profile image Joramir Jr. ・1 min read

After not having the time I wanted to follow RocketSeat's Omnistack 11 Week (i had to download the classes from YouTube to finish the project), I finished the application on April 5th.
It was an absolute pleasure to create this application, which aims to be a place where Non-Governmental Organizations can register "requests for help" and users can contact to help financially.
We studied and implemented Node.js in the Back-End environment, React.js in the Front-End and React Native in the Mobile app. In addition, we learned how to use GitHub in sync with VS Code and, for convenience and simplification, we learned and used the SQLite database.
Many thanks to the people from RocketSeat for this fantastic project, it was a pleasure to participate in this fantastic week. Follow the link to the project repository: (


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