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I have an issue with that solution. When I run multiple apps with uwsgin (configs in /etc/uwsgi/apps-available) the plugin option does not seem to work.

I put plugin=python35 to one and plugin=python36 to the other and at the end both try to run with python36. Only when I remove /usr/lib/uwsgi/plugins/ then uwsgi runs python3.5

The weirder thing is that running uwsgi --plugin python36 -s :0 and uwsgi --plugin python35 -s :0 spawns it with the correct version of python.

Any idea what could cause it?


Managed to solve my issue!

I have installed uwsgi package for ubuntu (16.10).
Afterwards I installed uwsgi-emperor where I copied my previous configs.

Another issue that I had was master=True in the apps .ini files. This should be False to be able to run multiple python versions.

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