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Discussion on: Ratlog.js – JavaScript Application Logging for Rats, Humans and Machines

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jorin Author

Let me know if anything is confusing or you have any ideas on how to make logging even simpler to use :)

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William Hilton • Edited on

Will do! In fact, I just filed an issue on the Github repo. ;) A rather comical beginner mistake I made that could be worked around with a bit of typeof checking.

I just want to add that it is super cool that tags work with chalk:

const log = require('ratlog')(process.stdout)
const warn = log.tag('warning'))
log('Normal log')
warn('Warning log')


hmm having trouble getting this screenshot embedded.

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jorin Author • Edited on

oh neat! I didn't know about this :) Would probably a helpful thing to add this as a note in the docs

Edit: I added this as a note in the readme :)