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Discussion on: I Wasted My Time Learning

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Don't be to hard on yourself. We all do / did this.

I don't think that there is such a thing as wasted time when it comes to coding (except maybe gulp...). I have started many projects in obscure languages and frameworks that went absolutely nowhere, but it made me the dev I am now.

First of all, you have become more careful when it comes to libraries and frameworks. Next time you'll be able to judge if you need it and why. You won't just grab the first thing you come across but you will fist examine who made it, if it's mature and if it will be around for long.

Secondly, you learn how to absorb knowledge. You learn to read and understand documentation and how to use that knowledge. The next framework you'll have to learn will go even quicker.

I personally don't think there is anything wrong with frameworks and they will always come and go. Next time however, you will ask yourself "do I really need it, and why?" And you are a better developer for it.