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Discussion on: The New Way of the Developer?

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Josefine Schfr

As a developer coming from one of these three month programming bootcamps, I am very relieved about the general acceptance of these courses here in the comments. I guess just like for most others who joined the community relatively recently, imposter syndrome is a massive issue.
In my work, I sometimes feel like colleagues who have a university degree in computer science have a lot more context and a better overview of overarching topics, something which was impossible to achieve in our programming bootcamp ( - but probably is with enough experience).
From my own studies I know however, how theoretical academia can be and how little of the knowledge acquired in university is actually applicable on the job. Whether your computer science degree helps you in your career therefor probably highly depends on you. I guess it's important to cherish these differences and not make assumptions - we can all learn from each other :)