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Discussion on: JavaScript Interview Question #33: Add two empty arrays and check the type

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Joshua Jarman • Edited

Bad Interview Question.

what do they even mean by "adding" arrays?
they can't ask bad misleading questions, that's a very hostile anti-pattern for interviewing.

trying to get a dev to express they understand javascript concatenation intricacies is not going to happen when the framer of the question indicates in the question that they aren't even clear enough to ask for that distinction properly.

they can't make the same mistake in the questions language that is the "gotcha" of the code problem.

🤦‍♂️ i see these types of hostile broken interview questions all the time and i always recommend Jr.s walk away from those companies. Clear indicator of major problems in how devs are evaluated and supported, imho.

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Coderslang: Become a Software Engineer Author

Anti-pattern or not, people that don't know how the type coercion works in JS will certainly introduce a lot of bugs. That's why these questions are asked on pretty much every Junior interview.

P.S. The title could be better, I agree.