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Discussion on: Converting a Node project to Deno

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Jota Feldmann Author

Hi Sven, thanks for the answer.

Regarding stability and performance, I can't tell due to the humble nature of my personal project.

Regarding the dependencies, I'm putting all stuff inside a make install task.

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Sven Assmann

Thanks for reply.
So your make install task will download and unpack the deps and put them into a local folder from where you use them? Or how does this work in your case?

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Jota Feldmann Author

Deno installs all dependencies in a centralized folder like \home\user\.deno. So we don't need to download every time, for all projects.

What you need to specify is the security flag.

I've made a make install for my convenience, to understand all dependencies of the project and pre-download in case of the production environment.

You can find more info here:

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