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Discussion on: Onboarding a junior developer to your team? Here's 12 tips.

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Jay Patel

This was a greate reading and surely will be helpful. I wanted to push further my curiosity to understand the scenario of hiring first junior developer under non-IT manager. What extra care to be taken in such case because non-IT manager is not going to teach junior developer any coding or best-practices?


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Carolyn Stransky Author

Curious, why would you hire a junior without an IT manager?

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Jay Patel

Actually my friend has a long career in sales and he is not from tech background. He has started his own business and looking to hire junior developer due to his budget limitations (and of course to keep another monopoly type of constraints).

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🦄N B🛡

and of course to keep another monopoly type of constraints

Could you translate that for me?

Also, the sales guy might not be able to find an IT Manager or a well seasoned dev, but he may well want to look through his network for someone to advise him on this stuff.